Turck's compact TBEN-S-2COM I/O module transfers process and status data over the same Ethernet cable

Vibrations have proven to be a reliable indicator of wear and imminent faults, especially for motors. Different frequency patterns provide information about anomalies such as imbalance or bearing damage. Systematic condition monitoring combines sensor signals, data evaluation and targeted communication to help detect these issues early on. Turck's compact TBEN-S-2COM I/O module enables status and control data to be transferred simultaneously in Industrial Ethernet networks. Users can efficiently use existing infrastructures with no need to pay premium prices for additional hardware.

Seus Benefícios

  • Greater machine availability thanks to timely warnings about imminent damage
  • No additional wiring due to communication via existing Ethernet cables
  • Low-priority parallel querying process to prevent interaction with the machine control
  • Decentralized integration of motors with a serial interface in Industrial Ethernet networks

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